Wednesday, June 20, 2012

still life with lemons

you're real beautiful inside, don't you know?
all sorts of colors.
there's always new ones to find
& it can be a real adventure to really remember who you are again.
what makes you plum purple and what makes you lemon zest yellow?
what turns your heart into byzantine blue
or your eyes mint green?

and won't it be exciting, one day, to share all those things you did
and all those things you were and loved and learned
with somebody new?
and you can tell them about the time you were light blue like the lines on a china plate
and when you discovered you had all sorts of fiery red in you.

and won't it be beautiful,
because all a sudden,
i think,
together you'll make all sorts of new colors.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The man in my life.

The Breakfast Club's
John Bender.

Never was there such a man that I loved as much as he.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


i've listened to this song a million times in one week
& it says everything my heart is feeling
& it feels like the love that is waiting for me.

funny thing
i was only putting up a video so you could hear it--
i've never watched it.
but this video is exactly how i feel.
i pretend not to be,
but excuse me while i'm a romantic.


i'm taking one step at a time
and it's leading me to you
even though i can't see the end.
& i can feel a little bit of the love we'll have
and i can hear it
and i can see it, too
because it's everywhere.
it's in the sky
and it's a pinprick in the center of my heart.
i can feel it because i know you
i know what you are:

keep going, okay?
and we'll know it when we feel it.

you feel my head with pieces,

Friday, June 8, 2012

It takes two.

Two is a very special number. It's the most special number.
The most life-like things come in two's..


I want to be a lover.
But I want to be a fighter, too.
I want to fight for the love I feel.

And I want to kiss someone who knows just how to kiss me. And laugh with someone who knows just how to laugh with me. And cry with someone who knows just how to cry with me. And travel with someone who knows just how to travel with me. And dance with someone who knows just how to dance with me. And sing with someone who knows just how to sing with me. And live with someone who knows just how to live with me. And be infinite with someone who knows just how to be infinite with me.

And love someone who knows just how to love me.

And I hope we get married.
On a cloudy day.
And I want him to throw his fist in the air. Like John Bender on the Breakfast Club.
Because he got me.

We'll be two lovers. Lover 1 and Lover 2. We'll make red body suits that say that on them and prance around with crazy blue wigs on if we please.
Which we probably won't please, but we may be tickled at the idea.

And we'll be so romantic.
And he'll cover my eyes and surprise me with things like picnics and puppies and paintings and I'll make him breakfast in bed simply because I love him and he loves me and we love maple syrup. And he'll mow the lawn while I make spaghetti and we'll slurp it until our mouths meet and we'll laugh until our chairs fall over. And he'll read Shakespeare to me so that I can fall asleep. Because the man that loves me will always make sure I'm asleep before he is. And he'll kiss my nose, and I'll pretend I was too asleep to notice. And we'll paint the walls yellow and paint the front door blue and paint the town red and we'll be all the colors because we're together.

And we will be lovers.
Two crazy, giddy, carefree, undeniably happy lovers.

For eternity.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

just an announcement

due to my impending travels to china,
i've decided to start a new blog here.
i wanted to get into the swing of things there before i left.

& i'll still be posting here.
this place is just too good.

anyway, join me on that new adventure, if you wish.