Friday, December 31, 2010

In all seriousness, I'm not serious.

I have this friend.
He's super insightful, nonchalantly hilarious, and very attractive. Therefore, I keep him around.

Anyway, he and I were chatting. He was laughing at me for something. I think it was my footwear.. I'm not sure... 
Yes. That was it.

He snickered at my footwear that I so proudly purchased at Savers for 6 dollars and 85 cents. I looked at him with my disbelieving face and, with an angry (or as angry as I could pretend to be, seeing as his disapproval didn't really bother me. He loves me for my clothing choices, in real life) tone of voice, I said, "Why can't you ever just take me seriously?" He turned to face me, and his eyes slightly squinted, as if he were trying to understand my logic in asking that question. "Mallory," he said. "Do you even take yourself seriously?" He stood there with wide eyes, giving me the chance to say something in turn. I had no response. I opened my mouth to give some grand retort, but all that came out was a popping sound from the back of my throat. I had nothing to say. He took a deep breath and began to turn away while saying, "That's what I thought." 
Our playful banter that consisted of a flirtatious tone had taken a sharp turn and I was suddenly swimming in a sea of flustered questioning.

Do I take myself seriously?

No. No I do not. For, how can I? I'm not of the serious nature. And I've no hopes for doing anything wonderful in this life. I'm one of 7 billion. There's nothing noteworthy about me. What is there to take seriously?

Or maybe the answer is yes. Yes I do. Why shouldn't I? I'm brilliant in my overflowing pool of flaws. I have accepted myself for what I really am, which, for the record, isn't anything good. That's taking one's self seriously, is it not?

I couldn't, for the life of me, decide upon the answer.

What is it to "take yourself seriously?"

I honestly have no answer.
This is just a question I'd like to throw out into the void.
So, as Kathleen Kelly would say,
Good night, dear void.

Love (serious love),

Thursday, December 30, 2010

let's be materialistic.

so there's this website called polyvore that i used to frequent sophomore year when i had less of a life. and today i went back in, and my heart melted for some of the clothes. i think i had quite the talent and polyvore set-making. too bad that talent isn't so useful anymore...
but what i wouldn't give for these outfits:

promise not to promise anymore

something borrowed, something blue

you got me.

dissappointment has a name

the perfect date.


the beauty in every inch

i think i could be quite the fashionista if i had the bucks.
for now, i'm content with 97 cent sweaters from old navy.
(true deal. i bought two of them. splurge!)


Monday, December 27, 2010

i saw love.

i saw love in the blue eyes of the kid brother.
in the carefully wrapped presents under the tree.
between a blonde & a brunette.
when i looked in my rearview mirror and saw couple stealing kisses at the red light.
in a happy family who are kind enough to let me pretend to be part of theirs.
in text messages from good friends.
in my best friend's laughter.
from my sweet grandparents.

in bill's voice as he sings songs to eloise and rachel.
and in nanny's exasperated sighs as eloise slams the door shut, once again.

& isn't love
the true holiday spirit?

by the way. eloise at christmastime is my favourite christmas movie.
i might watch it again...


It's 3:47. In the AM.

I think I have the stomach flu.
And I don't think I've had an ounce of shut eye yet tonight.
I'm surely loving life and all that it brings.

Being human is so fun.

I hope you all had a joyous Christmas.

Make big plans for the new year.

All my lovin',


Saturday, December 25, 2010

hey, it's christmas!

me and laura go on drives quite often. sometimes we talk, sometimes we sit in peaceful silence. on monday we decided to go see some christmas lights. we went to that neighborhood with the lights that dance to the music on their radio station. you know what i'm sayin? and we sat in her van with the windows rolled down and laughed and laughed. something about it was entirely joyful. 
and then last night a dear boy named cole took me to temple square. (laura was there too!) the lights there are obviously incredible. cole says that the best tree is the one with orange and yellow lights together on it. and he's right. it's the most sparkly. 
i like cole because we can chat away, but he's also comfortable to sit in silence with. he doesn't talk for the sake of hearing his own voice. i appreciate it. we sat inside the joseph smith building on the second floor in green velvet chairs. stared up at the gold-leafed ceiling. couldn't decide what the babies on the ceiling carvings represent. peered over the velvet banister at a strangely shaped woman, and later figured out that she was a man. spied on people, mostly.
while we were there i came across a boy i used to know several years ago. we talked for a minute. he said "you look so different!" and i said "you too!" because he really did. then he said, "whenever i picture you in my mind you are always giggling." and then i giggled. and he said, "just like that!". and i appreciated that comment.
anyway, then we walked through temple square towards the nativity scene (by the way the air smelled like buttery toast with apricot jam in the middle) and we watched and listened. it was peaceful. i like the gospel, and the motab's music. it makes me feel secure. and loved. 
this section was longer than necessary. but lights and friends are christmasy.

a blessing of the last week of school: i got to be one of the "six spirits" in our seminary assembly. meaning, i went around to all the classes with my dear little friend jacob and we taught them about different scriptures about Christ. my favorite? d&c 76:22-24. i thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the reminder it brought of what christmas is really all about.

i hope that the season has gifted you with several "hey! it's christmas" moments, yourself. 
i am scheduling this post to appear at 2 am on christmas day...
so santa might be in your house when this publishes on the world wide web!
merry, merry, merry christmas.
& remember... the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

love, hannah.

Monday, December 20, 2010

a few of my favourite things.

  • records, won in ap lang white elephant. 50 great music treasures and shakespeare's macbeth.
  • silver vintage necklace.
  • shakespeare's julius caesar, a copy of my great grandmother's, from 1915.
  • my new cell phone. pantech link.
  • the china plate, that only one person understands.
  • maroon boots from kelsey.
  • the fat boy. 'nuf said.
  • rimmel london lipstick--in vogue.
  • my new art book from abby & gina.
  • my film camera.
  • an ipod case full of seashells.
  • an old 60's postcard found in seattle, depicting a beach scene. the text on the back speaks of having too many "rum swizzlers".
  • my wish jar.

oh and also spelling things the english way.
favourite. colour. grey.

best wishes,
and may the universe bring you such lovely trinkets as well.

love, han.

Friday, December 17, 2010

This is why we stick together.

Mallory: "It's normal that every single article of clothing that I own is in my car."
Hannah: "It's normal that everything you say is a hyperbole."
Mallory: "...that statement was a hyperbole."
     *This is why we're best flies. Hannah is my sanity.

Use a hyperbole every once in a while.
Sometimes it's wonderful to be a little bit dramatic.

Today, I fell in love with a 15 year old, but talked myself out of it because he doesn't even grow facial hair yet.
I also washed my hair for the first time in 5 days (that's not a hyperbole), so I'm feeling really good about myself right now.
I had an audition and a call back today for this lovely show.
I love auditions. They're fun.
It's also Christmas break, which means I will be having so much fun.
For the first time in my life, I want it to snow.
All in all, it was a lovely day. I just love Fridays. And December. And call backs for shows. And washing my hair.

I'm feeling good.

Merry Christmas!

Love, Mallory Elizabeth
The Red Headed Girl.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

for you design nerds.

something about me, is that i take pride in knowing the name of fonts when i see them 'round town. this is how life goes on a daily basis:
han: shelbie, guess what that font is called.
shelb: what?
han: scriptina.
shelb: it looks so mormon-y.

but, you know, helvectica can never be over-used. it's SO indie (mallory) when used with vintage photos.
that's right. i called something indie. sue me.
by the way, what does 'indie' mean?
if sometimes, people are known as indie-posers, what is the qualification for a true indie person?
am i indie?
i think the only true indie person i know is shelbie.
the point here: add helvectica to the list of indie things.

by the way, here is a paraphrased excerpt from the school newspaper that cracked me up:

"when asked what she likes to do on the weekends, somebody someone said, "i like to go to velour or to go see indie films in salt lake." perhaps you, too, would enjoy seeing indian films."

seriously. i laughed. for minutes. (i'm trying not to hyperbolize this).

but i have nothing against the school newspaper. our blog was in it.
and i was quoted.
and i just finished doing the yearbook page for journalism.
i am still at the school for yearbook deadline. bring me food.

that's all folks.
have a great day.
and shelbie,
you're so indian.


p.s. i'm too indie to do that.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Man on Porch: Why don't you kiss her instead of talking her to death?
George Bailey: You want me to kiss her, huh?
Man on Porch: Ah, youth is wasted on the wrong people.

It's a Wonderful Life

Thursday, December 2, 2010

such great heights.

 such great heights--postal service

someday i hope that my husband and i will consider iron & wine's version of such great heights as one of our songs. until then, i can't risk it being my song with anyone else.
someday i hope that my husband will take me to carnivals.
i hope that he will learn to swing dance with me.
bring me wildflowers. and put them in my hair.
i hope that he will have food fights with me in the kitchen.
build me a treehouse. put mini umbrellas in my hot cocoa. send me matisse postcards when he's away.
i hope that we'll have an adventure book like in the movie "up".
i hope he'll send me on scavenger hunts to find my birthday presents.
we'll sit under cherry trees and sing songs.
go to the movies in our pj's on saturday nights.
we'll go out for chinese on christmas eve eve.
he'll believe all my facts.
we'll spy on people in the grocery stores.
and he'll buy me heart shaped balloons.

is that too much to ask?


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sometimes, Hannah Dearest finds random sticky notes that say,
"I liked ___________."
And sometimes, I take that sticky note and fill in the blank with the thing I currently like the very, very most.
And then Hannah posts the sticky note on this little blog.
And leaves it to the red head to give an explanation.

Now, you fill in the blank:
"I liked ____________."
Let's hear some good ones, please.

 With love,
Your favorite flies.