Thursday, December 30, 2010

let's be materialistic.

so there's this website called polyvore that i used to frequent sophomore year when i had less of a life. and today i went back in, and my heart melted for some of the clothes. i think i had quite the talent and polyvore set-making. too bad that talent isn't so useful anymore...
but what i wouldn't give for these outfits:

promise not to promise anymore

something borrowed, something blue

you got me.

dissappointment has a name

the perfect date.


the beauty in every inch

i think i could be quite the fashionista if i had the bucks.
for now, i'm content with 97 cent sweaters from old navy.
(true deal. i bought two of them. splurge!)



  1. i get all of my quotes & internet pictures from polyvore. it's such sin how often i get on their site.

  2. I haven't been on that site before but it looks great! But you're right, can't go past 97 cent sweaters! Have a happy new year! xoxo


you look really good today!