Saturday, December 25, 2010

hey, it's christmas!

me and laura go on drives quite often. sometimes we talk, sometimes we sit in peaceful silence. on monday we decided to go see some christmas lights. we went to that neighborhood with the lights that dance to the music on their radio station. you know what i'm sayin? and we sat in her van with the windows rolled down and laughed and laughed. something about it was entirely joyful. 
and then last night a dear boy named cole took me to temple square. (laura was there too!) the lights there are obviously incredible. cole says that the best tree is the one with orange and yellow lights together on it. and he's right. it's the most sparkly. 
i like cole because we can chat away, but he's also comfortable to sit in silence with. he doesn't talk for the sake of hearing his own voice. i appreciate it. we sat inside the joseph smith building on the second floor in green velvet chairs. stared up at the gold-leafed ceiling. couldn't decide what the babies on the ceiling carvings represent. peered over the velvet banister at a strangely shaped woman, and later figured out that she was a man. spied on people, mostly.
while we were there i came across a boy i used to know several years ago. we talked for a minute. he said "you look so different!" and i said "you too!" because he really did. then he said, "whenever i picture you in my mind you are always giggling." and then i giggled. and he said, "just like that!". and i appreciated that comment.
anyway, then we walked through temple square towards the nativity scene (by the way the air smelled like buttery toast with apricot jam in the middle) and we watched and listened. it was peaceful. i like the gospel, and the motab's music. it makes me feel secure. and loved. 
this section was longer than necessary. but lights and friends are christmasy.

a blessing of the last week of school: i got to be one of the "six spirits" in our seminary assembly. meaning, i went around to all the classes with my dear little friend jacob and we taught them about different scriptures about Christ. my favorite? d&c 76:22-24. i thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the reminder it brought of what christmas is really all about.

i hope that the season has gifted you with several "hey! it's christmas" moments, yourself. 
i am scheduling this post to appear at 2 am on christmas day...
so santa might be in your house when this publishes on the world wide web!
merry, merry, merry christmas.
& remember... the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

love, hannah.

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