Monday, December 20, 2010

a few of my favourite things.

  • records, won in ap lang white elephant. 50 great music treasures and shakespeare's macbeth.
  • silver vintage necklace.
  • shakespeare's julius caesar, a copy of my great grandmother's, from 1915.
  • my new cell phone. pantech link.
  • the china plate, that only one person understands.
  • maroon boots from kelsey.
  • the fat boy. 'nuf said.
  • rimmel london lipstick--in vogue.
  • my new art book from abby & gina.
  • my film camera.
  • an ipod case full of seashells.
  • an old 60's postcard found in seattle, depicting a beach scene. the text on the back speaks of having too many "rum swizzlers".
  • my wish jar.

oh and also spelling things the english way.
favourite. colour. grey.

best wishes,
and may the universe bring you such lovely trinkets as well.

love, han.


  1. i also have a wish jar.
    i would like to hear what you do with it.
    i would.

  2. i write many many wishes. on little slips of white paper.
    and every month or so i look back through them. to remind myself of what i wished for. and i usually find that three have come true.
    what do you do with your wish jar?

  3. hello.
    i like this list. & i'm a sunday smile beirut incepted? i like it.
    & i too like the english way of spelling.
    -a girl from PG.

  4. hello.
    thank you.
    yes, it is beirut incepted. i've been kind of a failure at it lately, though.
    the english way of spelling is much more classy.
    -a girl from AF.

  5. What a great list! I'm a bit jealous I have to admit.. :)

  6. Wait.... how is grey spelled in America?


you look really good today!