Thursday, December 16, 2010

for you design nerds.

something about me, is that i take pride in knowing the name of fonts when i see them 'round town. this is how life goes on a daily basis:
han: shelbie, guess what that font is called.
shelb: what?
han: scriptina.
shelb: it looks so mormon-y.

but, you know, helvectica can never be over-used. it's SO indie (mallory) when used with vintage photos.
that's right. i called something indie. sue me.
by the way, what does 'indie' mean?
if sometimes, people are known as indie-posers, what is the qualification for a true indie person?
am i indie?
i think the only true indie person i know is shelbie.
the point here: add helvectica to the list of indie things.

by the way, here is a paraphrased excerpt from the school newspaper that cracked me up:

"when asked what she likes to do on the weekends, somebody someone said, "i like to go to velour or to go see indie films in salt lake." perhaps you, too, would enjoy seeing indian films."

seriously. i laughed. for minutes. (i'm trying not to hyperbolize this).

but i have nothing against the school newspaper. our blog was in it.
and i was quoted.
and i just finished doing the yearbook page for journalism.
i am still at the school for yearbook deadline. bring me food.

that's all folks.
have a great day.
and shelbie,
you're so indian.


p.s. i'm too indie to do that.

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  1. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. ah, the times of yearbook. have you pulled an all-nighter yet? like, an in-the-school-all-nighter? it was always one of my goals, but i never ended up doing it for yb. (not that i ended up doing it for anything else....*cough*)
    helvetica is boss. serifs are more my style though. and if you've ever come across prophecy script, well, it's my fave cursive font.
    i'm glad you understand.


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