Tuesday, June 12, 2012


i've listened to this song a million times in one week
& it says everything my heart is feeling
& it feels like the love that is waiting for me.

funny thing
i was only putting up a video so you could hear it--
i've never watched it.
but this video is exactly how i feel.
i pretend not to be,
but excuse me while i'm a romantic.


i'm taking one step at a time
and it's leading me to you
even though i can't see the end.
& i can feel a little bit of the love we'll have
and i can hear it
and i can see it, too
because it's everywhere.
it's in the sky
and it's a pinprick in the center of my heart.
i can feel it because i know you
i know what you are:

keep going, okay?
and we'll know it when we feel it.

you feel my head with pieces,


  1. i have been listening to this song on repeat all week too. why don't you just take the words out of my mouth woman?! ok, no, but really, this song is so so good. words right from my heart.

    1. no way hailey! we are just two peas in a pod, i think.


you look really good today!