Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The truth is

that I need someone who speaks for themselves.

Because, frankly, you can't speak for yourself.

And I can't spend

all of my time

trying to speak for two people.

The other truth is

that I'm in love with a pair of brown eyes.

And the way that they bat their eyelashes and the way that they cry and the way that they wink and the way that they wrinkle when he smiles.

And, sometimes, I really feel like I can see the whole universe when I look directly into them.
And there's nothing more infinite

than that.

And the last truth

is that nothing cures anything the way that pudding cures everything.

And all important life lessons can be taken from The Breakfast Club.

And that's it:
The truth.

And we'll all float on.


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  2. love love love

  3. Dude. Is anyone ever going to post here again?

  4. this blog gives me the chills its so good.
    by the way, i nominated you for an award. no biggie.


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