Thursday, May 26, 2011

a whole lot of teenagers, and me.

i have to be sappy for five seconds.
i have to give a shout-out to the people i know.
high school would have been awful without these guys.
just a fair warning: this contains a lot of text about people you don't know. unless you do know them. so... if you get bored just stop reading. it's fine. go write your own friend-dedicated blog post. it's allowed sometimes.

why i love you:
laur: you'remybestfriend. tiny. cute. wise. you understand. how you say, "okay!". how i couldn't live without you. my husband has got to be your male form. we cry during tangled. how embarrassing. when i fell off the bed. how one text lead to one drive that changed our lives. you're amazing. you're a little warrior. conquering challenge after challenge.
ss: you're beautiful. you're you. you make me laugh. i make you laugh. stargazing and the kitty car. you're brave. talented. creative. you'll have the most interesting life of any of us. everyone loves you. easily the most popular girl in school, yaknow? i'll miss you like crazy.
ari: you know i'd be nowhere without you. how you answered every night. patience. understanding. always there. wise. and intelligent. more than any guy around here deserves. faith. love. i'm so glad i'll have you with me.
mikelle: roommate. i couldn't be more pleased. best friend since fourth grade, it's time to strengthen those bonds. you always listen when i blab. i appreciate that. you're always cheering for me. steady. capable. strong. beautiful. passionate. meows.
jess: strong. independent. accepting. fearless. friday nights watching old disney movies in your grandmother's house. why does no one like us? we're so cool. hostile. in a good way. crazy. hyper. gorgeous. spiritual giant. you better be sleeping on my floor next year.
nat: the most beautiful girl in that darn high school. you're husband is gonna be one hot babe. gentle. sweet. caring. compassionate. faithful. talented. talks of foreign men. speaking french. one day in the future when we'll live together. (next year.) also go to france. you better be sleeping on my floor as well.
jenoa: newest best friend. you make me crack up. no one i'd rather answer phones next to. unbelievable classy. way beyond high school. an adult. but playful. the good kind of grown-up. style, intelligence, poise. dang girl. where's your mountain man? it's time.
kels: ah. kels. how beautiful can one human get? you've grown so much this year. i love spending time with you. courageous. talented. take-charge kinda girl. you can get anything done. i admire you. i'm proud of you. call me when you're a. a duchess or b. a big-time fashion buyer.
whit: little. first thing i think of. so many jokes. so glad i spent that summer with you. mosquito bites and gallons of hot chocolate. sleeping in tents. must be repeated. you're special. hilarious. real. pregnancy is gross. your house is 12 minutes away, on a good day.
tori: so well rounded. seriously. how do you do it? you glow. you make me smile every day. and you're so sweet. healthy. athletic. pretty. smart. wonderful. world-traveler. you're so interesting. i aspire to be you.
mal: we started this blog. i like to hear about what you think. best voice. you make me feel loved. determined. you'll go far in whatever you set out to. i miss you. already.
sarah: little bear. i like running around the school and making a map of social groups with you. you crack me up, sister. you're independent. strong. honest. blunt, even. tasteful. unafraid. good luck.
jacob: new buddy. so glad council brought us together. music swaps. little kids. you talk really fast. i like to listen to you, most of the time. you've grown a lot, too. i'm proud of you. talented. smart. so strange. never cease to confuse and entertain me. let's get married. or you can just design my house.
parks: dude. best friend. i missed you, lately. your laugh. your smiley eyes. my family loves you. it's a party in the usa. you are good at listening. you understand me well, i think. i like our talks. thoroughly. i better know you forever. i want to see you marry the cute little blonde soccer player. and, dare i say it... i'm so glad to have you back.
steve: you're my favorite to dance with. preference? best times. you took me to the d.i. when i had the hardest day i've ever had. we bought that bowling trophy. it's a good memory. you're funny. sweet. you've got a testimony. you're enthusiastic. i like you. a lot.
spence: one word: perfect. ladies and gentlemen...
jackson: so. i wish you were my little brother. you make me feel comfortable. you're kind. gentlemanly. timid. wise. sincere. spiritual. quirky. i'll miss you. it's weird how sad i get when i think of how much i'll miss you. call me right now.
lard: when you asked me to homecoming, i was happy. that paper that was taped on the rocks happens to be taped in the space in my journal between easy life and hard life. isn't that interesting? you're a funny dude. i'm glad i'll be seeing a lot of you next year.
matthew: one time you hugged me and i fell down in the hallway. i remember it vividly. you're one of those boys i don't mind hugging, though. count your blessings. your loud voice. and work ethic. when we held hands... it's a sign!!! everyone knows you're meant to be a leader.
kaleb: you little guy. we go way back... remember fifth grade? i'm glad to have your house sit close to mine. i'm glad we can talk about things ever so easily, yet we hardly ever see each other. you're sweet. really sweet. i promise i love you.
o'mooney: you are good at dealing with me. i like that you let me be right. i like to fight with you. i like that you let me babble about art. prom. and even though your mullet really grosses me out, and sometimes i just can't even handle you touching me, i like it when you yell "hannah! you're so classy!"

i love you.
and that's the truth.

love, me.

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  1. Hannah, thank you.
    Love you.
    Means a lot to me :)


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