Monday, May 2, 2011

the lady from oklahoma city.

& of the photo... mostly because i enjoy it a significant amount. once again, creds to my girl s.s.

and of the lady.
oh, adventures at the call center.
she was 82. i was on the phone with her for about ten minutes.
i was supposed to try and get her back on track, but she was just so lonely. she told me her entire life story. as much as can be told in ten minutes.
i might get in trouble for listening for so long. good thing it was a slow day.
she was preparing to testify in court.
she was starting up her own inner-city church.
her son had recently told her he was homosexual.
her grandmother had been abused by her sister.
it was all very heavy.
and she wanted me to know that god loved me.
she told me stories of things god told her.
she invited me to her church.
i told her i wish i lived in her area.

i liked her.
i wish her the best.
i'm glad i got to speak with her on the phone today.
i wish i could speak on such terms with each customer.

that's all.

love, han.

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  1. That's a really sweet story. When I worked at Gloria Jeans we used to get customers like that. I love that I am able to help, even if only by listening. And in turn, they helped me. xoxo


you look really good today!