Thursday, April 28, 2011

tuesday changed my life.

and no,
it wasn't a huge deal. sometimes lives can change with the simple turn of a page.
instance number one:
i got hired at a call center.
which is twenty times better than pizza place. by thee way.
and i was being trained. by none other than my soul mate.
and i sat next to him in this little cubicle, and we got to talking.
we talked about travel, and how we both want to study abroad in italy, among other places.
and then he mentioned paris, and i said, i just got home from paris.
so then we talked about paris, and countries, and he said that he loves the way different ideas have to be expressed in completely different ways in different languages. (that's a lot of differents.) and i agreed and said i also love how words in french sometimes mean so much more than their english counterparts. and how in foreign countries, it feels like you have more personal space because you aren't comprehending all the chatter you hear around you.
and he said, wow, that is so interesting, i've never thought of that before.
strike one.
and then we answered a phone.
then we spoke of majors, and i said art history. he said, oh i thought about majoring in that. i love it.
strike two.
then we spoke of books.
he likes eat pray love. (no, he's not gay.)
and then i said i like classics. he said he wants to read the bell jar.
strike three.
and then we answered a phone.
and then small miscellaneous chatter that we could fit in between phone calls before he left.
the reason this changed my life is because i have never met a human being that i could ever fall in love with. and yes, i am being quite dramatic at the moment, but from what i know of this boy, we could fall in love. yes. we could. (too bad he works mornings and i don't and we will probably never meet again, unless fate brings us together.) but the important thing about this is that this chance encounter with this young man has given me hope that there is an intelligent, literate, attractive, artsy, traveling man out there, whom i have much in common with, and who will speak to me and then marry me after that.
thank you for listening.
and now...
instance number two:
tuesday evening. my last young womens. (because of this call center job.)
we had one of those missionary nights, where we go and give one of the discussions to a family in the ward.
i went to my old young womens leader's house to teach the lesson. i taught about the restoration of the gospel. and at the end, i bore my testimony. she and her husband cried, and they told me that i am meant to be a missionary.
i've always wanted to be a missionary, but that was one of those moments that just make me completely sure that its what i am supposed to do once i turn 21. i wish i didn't have to wait. i'm jealous of all the young men who get to leave right away.
all of the sweet missionaries that i met in france also made me feel this way. it seems like the absolute best way to spend 2 years, or 18 months, as it will be in my case. (by the way, one of the missionaries i meant in caen was elizabeth smart. i admire her. she is an incredible woman.)

so, at the end of these small stories, i'm happy to say that
a. i will go on a mission when i turn 21
and, b. after that, perhaps a few years after that, i will meet a young man of afore mentioned qualities and we will wed.

the end.


  1. How wonderful!! You will be an amazing missionary, I love how you speak with such passion. And what a lovely chance encounter :)

  2. hans.
    i couldn't be more proud of you :)
    your life holds so many bright days.
    i love that things will all turn out how they're supposed to. i also love your face.


you look really good today!