Tuesday, April 12, 2011

love you, miss you.

here i am in france. i thought i'd give an update, because i have time today.
we spent the first day in paris, which is all fine and dandy, but so far i've loved the countryside much better. that might change once we go back to paris on thursday and explore the museums and shop shop shop.
right now we're staying in a 500 year old stone cottage in bayeux, it's beautiful, and cold. it was used as a hospital for the germans in the second world war.
i can sit on the second floor and open the big windows and sit on the sill. and look down at the ducks and le petit chat. it's a lovely moment being up there.
french food is good, but it's hard to live on only bread and cheese. but tonight we got dinner, and it was delicious.
i speak french to everyone i can, and the words feel so beautiful tumbling out of my mouth. merci beaucoup, i love to say,
sometimes i feel on top of the world, and other times i feel so small. this entire place exists, and i've only seen this much of it. the world is huge! and i am such a little girl.
one summer, i would like to live on the french countryside, and ride my bike into town each morning to gather my baguettes and yaourt and eat eat eat. i would need a good buddy to come with me though, sometimes it would be lonely alone.
in paris, there are the most handsome men. everybody there is thin, and stylish. what we call 'indie' is the mainstream fashion there. lots of windbreakers with cinched waists, just like mikelle's that i'm borrowing. and lots and lots of scarves.
i'll tell you more when i have supplementary photos, i suppose.
ah, but sometimes i miss america. i don't know why. and i miss my sweet friends.
i love you all dearly.
au revoir for now,
han banan.


  1. i miss you my han han.
    je suis missing you...haha.
    come home soon
    after your heart has explored this big world.
    love you.
    love, laur

  2. je miss tu aussi, ma fille. :)


you look really good today!