Monday, April 4, 2011

what's new.

i have several points of business. (0. yes those are my feet.)
1. prom was a success. i made him a heart shaped boutonniere out of red felt. it was cute. heartfelt.
2. i am leaving for france on thursday. that's right. france. do you think i'm internally exploding inside? the answer is yes. i am.despite my calm exterior.
3. since i am going to college and kind of need money, i created this small business wherein i design graduation announcements and other such things. if you need an announcement, please check me out. it would help a lot. linky here.
4. to all you pen pals, i finally sent your letters. they should be coming shortly. 
5. i love you.
6. you should really watch character approved on usa. i think you can on usa's website too. it's really the most beautiful thing i've ever seen on television. very inspiring. i may or may not be attempting to copy it with jenoa and shelbie.
7. where's mallory? well, she's far away. but she should be coming back eventually. or so she claims.
8. i have a love/hate relationship with posts like this. love = easy and informative. hate = nobody really cares about what's new in my life. i wish i had the energy to write something you could think about today.
9. okay, here's something good. general conference. best. thing. ever. elder scott? he is the cutest man. i loved his talk.
10. just because i need a ten now. "preach the gospel at all times and when necessary, use words." -st. francis of assisi.



  1. For the record, I like the easy informative posts.
    I like hearing about what's going on in people's lives.

    ...maybe that's weird.

    Long live hannah!


you look really good today!