Monday, April 18, 2011

Well well well. Look what the cat dragged in.

Yes, it's me. I am alive. Surprised, are we?

You see, I've been busy.
Very busy.

However, I will refrain from boring you with the details of my life and, instead, let you know that I've learned a lot over this last little while.

And, in my time away, which I apologize for (I don't know why I'm apologizing, because you've probably not noticed/cared that I've been away for so long, but an apology just seemed... appropriate? I don't know. All bloggers apologize to their "followers" when they don't write, as if they're posts are an absolute life necessity or something, when, in fact, no one really cares about them or the fact that they haven't been around to post. Blog apologies concerning absence of writing are really just a bloggers form of self-validation, so that they feel important, like someone missed them when they were gone. But, of course, no one really did. So, I guess I'm not really sorry, but I feel, as a "blogger," obligated to say so. I hope you remember my original thought now that this parenthetical expression is coming to a close. Feel free to back-track.), I've changed. Not a noticeably large amount, but enough for me to know. And enough for me to miss the past, not understand the present, and be terrified of the future.

No matter, I'm still me, and I'm going to be making a big come back in my life. Just you wait, little tots. Just you wait.

Well, I hope things in the hood have been lovely and that you're all still just as cute as buttons.

I love waffles.
And Puerto Ricans.
Well, my Puerto Rican.



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  1. I disagree with you!
    I follow a set list of bloggers and DO notice when they haven't posted and do miss them!
    Including you, little Miss!
    And don't forget it!


you look really good today!