Sunday, July 24, 2011


i would like to send out a thank you to everyone who reads.
you support my words, which i feel are not my strength.
i have recently been given the compliment that me and mal have depth, and that this blog has depth.
i've never loved a compliment more.
this is probably the one thing in the world that i appreciate the most--depth.
even more than beauty. though i think they go hand in hand.
i strive to keep a firm hold on reality, and to live as a real human being, a real me, and nothing superficial.
of course i'm never completely that way; no one is.
the people that i love the most have depth,
and the people that don't are the only thing in the world i don't like to give a chance, though i should.
it's easy to see who has depth, and i am endlessly flattered to be counted among that number.
i love real-life humans who talk about the things that stir their hearts,
who are vulnerable but not afraid of it,
who have joy and not material happiness,
and who are true friends.
depth is a quality i admire.
it leads people to speak honestly,
it leads them to feel things,
it gives them tact,
and it allows them to really be alive instead of just living.

everyone is capable of depth,
though some are too afraid or insecure or ignorant to find it.

but to all of you, thank you for your depth,
for sharing your hearts,
and making humanity more human.
being human is a wonderful thing.
our flaws are a wonderful thing.

you know who you are.
thank you.


  1. It's very nice to see you girls so appreciative of your readers.
    You are both lovely writers.

  2. i know something is good when it gives me butterflies. which this post did. you girls are lovely. inside and out. thank you for letting me follow you and be a part of some more blogging magic.

  3. hann.
    will you do my blog?
    pretty pretty pretty please?
    love you(:

  4. well goodness. if that's not the best first post for me to read i don't know what is. i'm immediately hooked. your blog had depth, glam and class. love it already.


you look really good today!