Sunday, July 31, 2011

in place

the montreal market.

no matter how much you love some people,
you still might not feel good about yourself when you're around them.
find a few that you feel lovely around,
that you know always love you, and that you always love.
everything will be well.

i feel in place.
like i belong, once again.

a place to belong is sometimes so hard to find.
i suppose it only comes when you stop trying,
and you open your heart to whatever comes to you.

i'm free.
i'm full.

it's a wonder what a week of country club lunches, planking, letters, temple visits, and "i love yous" can do for a soul.

love, hannah


  1. Agreed. Han. Oh your the best.

  2. This is my favorite design thus far. I really, really like it. Your name/picture labels on the side? To die for. And the blog banner is cute too.

  3. one word...unreal. that's what you are. We as sisters in society need to be friends for eternity. because i don't know what i would do without my han in life. I LOVE YOU

  4. so, this is lovely.
    and so is this blog.
    you could say i am addicted? yes.
    i love it.


you look really good today!