Tuesday, August 2, 2011

my dream

my favorite statue--winged victory at the louvre.

to be an education/design curator of modern art at an art museum. 
there is a problem with the way museums and the art world is run, right now.
too often, a painting is just hung on the wall. 
the viewer is expected to look at it and just understand.
well, news flash, art world.
we are the only people who are going to actually do that.
the rest of the public has no idea why four different shades of yellow in fuzzy boxes is art, or why it's important.
they don't know what the name rothko means.
it's our job to teach them.
when i run a museum, i will first introduce the philosophy of this artist/movement. 
when was it, why was it, how was it, who was involved, and what was happening in the world at this time? how did it change history?
then i will show the art. i will urge you to experience it and not just look at it. what are the connections to emotion or idea or philosophy? art is not art with out one of these. art should not be futile. 
i will ask you to be open until the end.
you cannot walk into this exhibit thinking that this is not art.
you are never allowed to say "i could do that" with the connotation that it is not art. i will show you why talent isn't exactly the point. creativity is. and, by the way, you're an artist, too. you could do that and it would still be art. only if you meant something by it, or it was your idea.
and then, at the end, you can decide what you think. but not until you know what you need to know to make a decision. you cannot have an opinion on something you know nothing about. 
what art is is up to you, not me. it has to mean something to you.
to be art, something has to have an idea, emotion, or philosophy behind the creation of it. it must also evoke one of those in the partaker of this art, or convey it's idea to the viewer. 
this doesn't mean it has to say something complex about humanity. beauty in itself is it's own purpose and end. 
if you find it beautiful, you just gave it meaning, and therefore, made it art. 

when we create things, no matter what they are, we are expressing a part of us. a piece of our soul has taken a tangible form. 
that is, above all, what art is.
it is a visible manifestation of souls. and it is not limited to what i can put in my museum. it is the connecting line between all humans. the way we understand each other. the way we cope. and the way we progress.

that's what i want to teach people.
that is my dream.

love, hannah.


  1. let me be one of the first to enjoy your future are museum. i beg you.

  2. being a person who loves art and was even planning on being an art major at one point in his life, I loved this post. I quoted you in my quote book serveral times. I'm proud to know you.

    that's all I have to say. other than, thanks.


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