Wednesday, August 31, 2011


that's right, my friends. i just used caps.
here's why:
the third mail circuit is about to begin!
i was thinking about what we should do for this circuit when it hit me.
we're all going through a lot of changes right now. new school year, new people, and for some of us, entirely new lives of living alone and going to college.
so i thought we could all help each other out, because this mail circuit has turned into more of a support than just a fun little side thing, and i'm happy that that's the way it's turned out.
what we're going to do for this mail circuit is a survival guide.
you'll send somebody your life survival guide, no matter how old you are or what experiences you're going through.
what you include is completely up to you. whether it be written advice, a cd of happy music, recipes, your favorite pick-me-ups, or a great color of nail polish. (hopefully, you'll combine several different mediums of survival.)
of course, i'll straighten out some directions to give to those of you who want to participate.
so, what you need to do to enter is as follows:
-email me at
-include your name, address, and age/life experience category. i.e. i am 17 and a college freshman.
-tell me if there's anything specific you're looking for, like advice from an older college student or how to survive high school.
-give me some constructive criticism. what do you hate/love about the way we do things here? seriously, give me actual criticism.
-click on the mail circuit tab on the side and pledge the oath, if you haven't already.

also, realize that my examples are directed toward the major demographic of this blog's readership. if you're older or younger, please still join if you want to! oh, and boys, i know you're out there reading this, too. you're just as welcome as any. plus, you can brag about getting mail from pretty and tasteful girls.

so that's that. since i'm a busy college student now, i'd like to be able to have some time to organize everything over labor day weekend. the deadline to sign up for this mail circuit is friday, september 2. i know, i know, it's early. but i need the time.
deal? deal. one last thing: please, please, please only sign up if you're going to be able to follow through. i hate it when rightful circuiters don't receive their mail. if you think you're gonna be too busy, don't do it. i reserve the right to hunt you down and disown you if you don't follow through on your commitments.

but i still love you.


p.s. we're sorry the blog only shows one post on the first page. we don't know how to fix it. help?

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