Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today was the day.

Yes, kids. I placed all of my boxes into the back of my new(to me) car and drove them all the way up to Salt Lake City.
Then, I received a key to a strange room, upon which I was told to call "home."
I unpacked.
And it took much too long.
And I was so

I just can't even believe that this is where I am.

Everything has happened way too fast.

And I'm scared.

Everything's changing...

My main support system AKA best friend and favorite boy left me on Tuesday.

For a good cause, mind you, but he went far away, none the less.

We spent Monday together. He wore that one shirt and I wore that one dress and we were happy just to be together.

As the day drew to a close, we laid in that one very significant spot and faced eachother.

Foreheads pressed together, feet intertwined, I asked him, "If you knew that this would be the last time we'd ever see each other or even speak, what would you want to say to me?"

He took loud breath. "Give me a second to answer this one."

I gave him a second.
And then a minute.
And then five minutes.
And I was still waiting.
Which is no big deal. The silence between the two of us is almost better than conversation.

My eyes were slowly drifting closed when he finally opened his mouth to answer, pulling me out of my sleepy trance.

"I think that I would tell you.."

He paused again, gathering his thoughts, this time for only a moment.

"I'd tell that you're wonderful. And that I wish you could understand how much you've done for me. Because, you know, I love you and stuff..."

There was a pause where I giggled, and he tucked my hair behind my ear.
He began again.

"And I'd also tell you to be positive. With everything. Keep a positive mindset and you can accomplish anything that you want. Just be happy. I just want you to be happy."

I didn't know how to respond.

So I didn't.
I just pulled myself closer to him.

And I realized that it's okay to be sad about losing something or to be sad about change.
You just have to see that happiness is around the corner. You can choose happiness. And there are people out there who love you. And they want, more than anything, for you to just be happy.

Hopefully it wasn't the last time I'll ever see him.
In fact.. I know it's not.
He's one of those unlucky people that is simply stuck with having me in their life forever.

But he's taught me a lot.
And I know I can successfully handle this growing-up thing.

It's easy.

There's only one rule of thumb:

Just be happy.


  1. Amazing! A scene with a friend is so very cinematic.... Oh and thanks for remindind everyone reading this that HAPPINESS is the most important thing anyone could ever wish for. Well, happiness and a little bit of love, but I guess they come hand in hand.


you look really good today!