Sunday, August 28, 2011

college life.

so far college for me has consisted of three days of moving boxes into my apartment, and seeing a large amount of people i knew from junior high and high school. i feel like a perpetual teenager. i saw my first crush on the street on wednesday. really.
it's good--i like to see people i know, and to have people that i talk to. but still, i don't want to be stuck in high school forever and i'd like to make some new friends. but considering that i've only spent approximately 3 hours total on campus this week i'm sure things in that area will improve.
today we went to church and i have to say byu wards are an interesting thing. but i kind of love it. oh and there's 5 kids in that ward that i've known from high school & junior high. awesome.
in other news my books cost me 330 dollars and a cute black guy winked at me at the bookstore.
nat & jess arranged my new closet in roy g biv. i'll give you a tour later. with my webcam. because i don't own a digital camera. fun. notice the current significant decrease in photo quality. someday i'll get a darkroom and take all my photos with my good film.
i'm trying to figure out how to live off of 15 dollars a week.
i'm an education volunteer at the byu museum of peoples and cultures. i get to take little kids on field trips. it is wonderful. visit on thursday mornings.
skype is my favorite thing in the entire world.
i got a letter from the redhead.
also i'm cooking up a new mail circuit. be excited.
mail circuits take me approximately 1,047 hours to coordinate, though. so. expect one then.

p.s. that girl up there is my roommate mikelle. we're cute.

love, han


  1. love all the photos... you guys are cute!

  2. AH! COLLEGE. Guys...we're all grown up.

  3. Hannah,
    I am excited for you.
    I know people say that often, "I'm excited for you."
    You hear that all of the time.
    For some reason though, i really am. I love reading your blog and hearing about your life. I can't help but be jealous that you get to be in college right now. You will do wonderful things wherever you are.
    Sometime, can I take you to lunch and will you tell me about it?
    Maybe we could finally be friends.
    Design my blog for me? :) haha,


you look really good today!