Wednesday, August 17, 2011

real secrets.

-i miss you more than i thought i would.

-money makes me feel hopeless.

-i'm pretentious and not nearly as emotional as this blog makes me out to be. maybe that's a lie too. i'm not sure.

-i love my new big family.

-college stretches my heart in two directions.

-i never knew i had so much stuff until i was forced to put it in boxes.

-it hurts to take down photographs.

-i think i'm pretty smart. i've got things under control.

-i can look in the mirror and literally watch myself get older.

-i'm the only human who laughs and cries during party in the usa.

-i could not be more excited about my current volunteerism at the byu museum of peoples and cultures. i'm the hugest nerd and temperature controlled rooms filled with artifacts woo me.

-i've gotten to the point where it's weird for me when i go to someone's house and their father is there. i know too many divorcees.

-the movie monte carlo and i would do anything for you by foster the people are my current cure-alls.

-i'm not afraid of the dark anymore.

-i'm better at being alone.

-i'm getting slightly better at killing spiders.

-maybe i'm verging on being able to take care of myself.

-i bought red trouser pants just so i could cross them off a bucket list that i haven't actually made yet.

-i'm human.

love, me.


  1. Thanks for posting this, another great entry that made me smile despite a rainy day!

  2. Oh I love Monte Carlo!
    Such a cute movie.

    And I want red trouser pants!

    so many cute trousers!

  3. hannah.

    your spider killing skills .... no bueno.

    you couldn't even pick the DEAD spider off the ground!



you look really good today!