Tuesday, August 30, 2011

college, take 1

 sunday is crazy. everybody is so loud. we make new friends but only some of us can actually remember all the new names. there's 3 hannahs in this ward. i meet a boy i went to primary with when i was three in california. my roommate makes us roast. we are thirteen years old and spy on boys with red trucks, and may or may not vandalize them a bit. heritage halls is efy right now, so we go to wyview where the living is easy. we talk too loud and we love the fact that we're together. we go home late and i talk to a boy on the phone, because i'm a huge flake and he needs someone to talk to. we go to sleep at midnight and i am happy to see pictures of my most loved right next to my pillow.
i wake up at 8 o'clock to mat kearney. when i open my eyes i'm confused. why am i not in my room? and then i remember. i'm going to college today.
mikelle and i take first day of school pictures on our beloved fire escape.
i'm not very good at feeding myself and the only food i've eaten as a result of my own efforts so far are captain crunch, wheat thins, toast, and milk. too many grains? maybe.
i walk to the marb with my roommate ashley. i walk to the art museum from there to time it. i walk around campus with a very uncomfortable backpack. i sit in the library for an hour across from a boy i knew in junior high. i spot an actual cute boy who has nice glasses and a button-up shirt. (so far, cute freshmen don't exist.) i text my friends. i go to living with plants.
my professor's name is sam and he is a cute man. shh, that's not awkward. we all introduce ourselves and talk about things we love. we learn about our class, where my homework is to take the campus tree tour, raise a pea plant, and go on a field trip to fish lake.
i run to art history where i make friends with a blonde girl named laura, which i am happy about because i already have a blonde girl named laura. my professor is hilarious and i feel at home watching the slides. i am happy to know that the colorful blobs in front of us are helen frankenthaler's. and we discuss bernini who is my favorite sculptor.
i go home and i'm very tired and i look up all my syllabi and feel proud that i am handling this so gracefully. my blonde laura visits and i go to the hub and try to read my art history but i'm distracted by ari and spence and jar and mikelle and weston. i should be reading it now, but again, i'm distracted.
we do homework until 8:40 and then da boiz swipe us for dinner in the cannon center.
they walk us home so we don't get raped and then we go to sleep at the very decent hour of 10:30.
and that, my friends, is college day one.

i love it.
trust me. go to college.

it's hard to miss but it feels good to fill your heart part-way with new experiences.

and let boys buy you food as much as possible.

hannah, the voice of reason.

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