Thursday, August 25, 2011

the a's of the q's

i hope you don't mind length. this is lengthy. i've inserted handy dandy photos to break up the monotony of words.

q: I would like a real love life story,
like one that's true,
because I feel like you'd write about your past or current boyfs in such an interesting way!

a: oh the irony. i'm probably the last person you want to ask about this. "boyfriend" stories will only lead me back to one immensely dysfunctional relationship, and no one wants to know about that. it's a real downer.
i've never had a particularly romantic kiss and i only feel comfortable making physical contact with a select few males. i've never been in love, but i will be someday.
the closest thing i have to love is a tall red-haired boy who also happens to be my best friend. why i bring him up is because he's the only boy in this world that i really completely trust, and he is my standard for boys that i will actually date. we met in sophomore english, where he sat behind me and used to whisper inappropriate things. i hated him. then he grew on me. we like to feed ducks and swing and run around in fountains. i can tell him anything and we sometimes get stuck at the snow-cone place for hours talking about the gospel. he's just as scared of spiders as i am. we like to move our hips like yeah and sing teenage dream at the top of our lungs in his little truck. we go to the temple and we write letters and talk about all our big dreams. he's a real sweetheart and he's not afraid to be himself. he's confident and a born teacher and he's helped me out in life more than he knows. he's currently sacrificing two years of his prime for the lord's errand, and i couldn't be more proud of him.

all we are is friends, but he pulls me closer to love and he's a ray of sunshine that came from a lot of dark.

q: What are three things in your life that bring you pure bliss?

a: 1. my family. my mom recently got married (which is a super good story in and of itself) so our family is now huge. 11 people anyone? mom, neal, cami (19), me (almost 18), jessica (16), emma, eliza, and kacie (all 12. e & e are my twin sisters), karlee (9), mckay (the only boy! 4), and jordyn (3). i'm pretty sure that's accurate. it's so good to see my mom happy, and i love them all. a few nights ago we had an epic dance party in the kitchen and it's the most fun i've had in a while.
2. art. art makes my heart feel huge and i smile very big and i want to tell the whole world about it.
3. monte carlo. it's the best movie ever. i've seen it in theaters 3 times. every time it gets better, and the whole day after that i just giggle and repeat things like, "anything can happen! life is magical! where's my australian?". trust me, see it.

q: you've got one day without any limits&restrictions in a strange city, which city will it be and what will you do?

a: okay, i've got to say paris. i'll awake bright and early in a super fancy hotel and dress in my super parisian trouser pants and brogues and little hat. i'll hit up the patisserie for some pain au chocolat & a fruit tart & a quiche, and magically be able to eat them all without getting a food baby or anything. i'll fly to the louvre (because there's no restrictions) where i am the only person let in for the day. i'll go peek at winged victory and a few others that i love, and then the curators will take me on tours of the back rooms where i can secretly touch the statues and no alarms go off. directly after that i'll fly over to san chapelle where i'll lay on the floor in the middle of it (by myself again). i'll do a lot of pondering and i'll probably write in my journal. i'll cry because it's so beautiful. for lunch i'll invite my fellow frenchies to fly over--mikelle, ari, nat, and jenoa--and we'll eat in the tulleries and just talk. then, a ton of super handsome guys will come over & we'll invite them to be our dates for this evening. then i'll take them up to montmartre and we'll get portraits painted of us. they'll leave to go get ready, and all the rest of the people i know will be on their way for the surprise coming this evening.
i'll go shopping and buy everything i like on the champs-elysees. i'll have a photoshoot with max wanger all around paris. they will be pictures i treasure. then i'll get on a boat down the seine to the musee d'orsay, where everyone i know and like (even everyone that reads this blog) will meet me for a dinner party. we'll eat the best meal ever by julia child tag-team with mario batalli and wolfgang puck. everyone will be wearing their dream outfits and we'll all admire the art. the curator at the musee d'orsay will find it absolutely necessary to gift me a matisse and i will graciously accept it for my home. we then head out to the sparkling eiffel tower where we'll have a ball on the top. we dance and dance, and my handsome date who just happens to be gaspard ulliel will give me a movie-kiss. as the night swings to a close, the most spectacular fireworks show will start to go off. we'll all sit and admire, and i will be so happy to have everyone i love all around me. the end.

q: How did you grow as a photographer/graphic designer.I'm trying to get better and plan on taking a graphic design class next year.I love your photos in this post a lot.:) 

a: thank you! well, i had always been interested in graphic design but i didn't really know anything about it until i became the layout editor of my high school's yearbook. (which was the best ever, by thee way.) i just learned my stuff in indesign and photoshop & i'd make fake graduation announcements and magazines for fun. as the blog design stuff goes, i've recently found a lot of cute design elements via pugly pixel that inspire me. i use them to make the designs. i like to design other people's blogs for them, it's one of my favorite things. you can check those out here, here, here, here, here, and here. i know, phew. i get fonts from dafont & colors from color collective, which you can find a link to on the sidebar. as for photography, i suck at it with digital cameras. all my photos are from an old film camera that was my father's in the 70's. it's the camera, not me.

q: Will you go out with me?

a: haha, yes. if you can manage to ask me in person.

q: WHy do you smell like....poop? 

a: jessica, YOU SUCK!! kapow. i didn't miss.
(jessica is practically my sister. i sleep at her house for days on end and we really like to fight. she stinks.)

q: how did you do your layout?

a: it's just one of the simple templates from blogger. i deleted all the backgrounds and drop shadows (you can google css codes to override things like that. just paste it in to the "add css" in the advanced section of your template designer.) i always make sure the blog width is 1000 pixels and then i design the headers in photoshop at 1000 pixels wide so i don't have to resize them, because sometimes that screws it all up. you can email me specific questions if you'd like :) 

q: what's your most awkward doorstep scene?

a: whitney, do you really think i'm going to answer that?

and that's that. thanks for doing me a solid, peeps!


  1. i miss you far too much, my little flower.

  2. hannah i love you.

    mostly, i love that you put gaspard ulliel in there.


  3. i quite enjoy this long post. it made for a very entertaining read in class today.

    also, thank you for letting us be in paris with you.

  4. I liked this, your answers were so bubbly! It sounds like you have such a great guy friend, I think that it's great that you're waiting for someone who's worth it! Ahh Paris, I'd have to agree with you there!

  5. Thanks for answering my question, the response was really sweet! I've always wanted to go to Paris as well... Even though i think I'd go with Rome if I had to choose one European city.


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