Monday, August 22, 2011


film photos from france:
beautiful clothes at the department store across the street from the opera.
the opera garnier (the one with chagall's ceiling)

well well well.
let me explain why i'm here.
i'm here due to wanting a break from a life consisting purely of packing and buying various hangers, notebooks, and pilot g2 pens. because nearly everyone is gone and i need to break up the monotony, and since nothing is new for me to write about, i thought i'd ask you.
(excuse me while i speak for both mallory and i, i hope i represent her accurately)
this blog started one winter day in mine & mal's seminary class our junior year. i'd been reading some blogs and was smitten. and rather foolishly, thought i could be a stylish blogger and have fan girls all over the place. but i wasn't too naive to know that i'd need a partner for this--i asked mallory. we were the perfect team. she went home that afternoon and created this here blog, and well, the rest is history. we started out with only readers who knew us personally, more or less, and a super cute orange template complete with photos of a couple kissing on a ferris wheel. it really was great. though maybe misleading? who knows. 
now, i've gotten slightly better at graphic design & the blog improves each time i do it. and, it's clear that we have many more lovely people joining us than just our friends at school.
we know we're vague. our goal on this blog isn't to keep a day-to-day log of our activities. we know that you don't care where we eat out or what fabulous clothes we wear (because to be honest we aren't that fabulous, i hope mallory doesn't mind that), our goal is to share the beauty in the small details in our lives. it's to convey emotion on a general and relevant level. it's to find the lessons we learn from simple experiences in our average lives and maybe help you out. we aren't claiming to be lovely and we don't expect you to care about our personal lives, but we are flattered when you appreciate us.
anyway, now that most of you don't know us personally, i'd like to extend an invitation. one that on the surface appears to benefit you, but really, i'm selfish inside and need something to fill my time.
to settle my half of the enigma that is "the flies" and give you a base on which to understand my writing, i ask you to ask me questions. what do you think you need to know about me that i haven't stated? or just questions about anything. i don't know if this is a good idea because i'm not as interesting as i like to think i am, and i have a fear that nobody will comment and i'll have to delete this awkward post.

do me a solid.
if you read this, comment a question for me?
i would super love to answer and escape stuffing my clothing into boxes. 

thx peeps.


  1. I would like a real love life story,
    like one that's true,
    because I feel like you'd write about your past or current boyfs in such an interesting way!

  2. original follower.
    double holla.
    love both mal & hans.
    holla holla holla.

  3. I feel a bit awkward asking questions because I only started following your blog a month ago and the answer to any question I ask may be hidden in one of your posts I have not seen, but for the sake of doing you a solid... What are three things in your life that bring you pure bliss?

  4. I'm with the previous commenter Kelsey here... But oh well, to support fellow bloggers: you've got one day without any limits&restrictions in a strange city, which city will it be and what will you do?

  5. How did you grow as a photographer/graphic designer.I'm trying to get better and plan on taking a graphic design class next year.I love your photos in this post a lot.:)

  6. WHy do you smell like....poop?

  7. amber here. how did you do your layout? email me the answer if you'd like to :)

  8. hahahahaha. Jessica's comment. I want to hear about your most awkward doorstep scene? ;)


you look really good today!