Saturday, August 13, 2011

i wish i could write poetry

and that tiny words set my soul free.

i wish that i could paint
and that brush strokes untangled my heart.

i wish i could play music
and that one and two and three and four and set me straight.

i do have a talent, though.
i can see.

i can see love in the gaps of crinkled pages,
humanity pigmenting the shapes on a canvas,
and i can see frosted windows and melting sunsets on the notes swirling through the air.

i can see things for what they are
and i can see things for what they can be.
that is a special gift,
because i don't rely on any outside sources
or physical abilities.
i don't even need my eyes.

i feel lucky to have this gift,
the only problem is that nobody else can see it.


  1. this was perfection. sometimes i find myself wishing for talents i don't have and then simple things like your lovely words remind me that i have many talents. different than what i often wish for but talents nonetheless.

  2. I just recently started reading your blog and I am in love with it. Your blog is so cute and so are you two. Thanks for all your amazing posts.

  3. This is pretty (= Poetry is overrated anyway, I mean when classified as "poetry", poetry is basically only thoughts put on paper in an adept way.


you look really good today!