Friday, September 2, 2011


by the time i am 18 years old, i will have:
-been laid off
-begun college
-seen matisse's open window
-lived on my own
-paid lots of tuition money
-explored paris sans adults
-owned way too many of everything (except art postcards, never enough of those)
-conquered a broken-in-half DC metro (with a big suitcase)
-survived being a child of divorce
-and have both my parents re-marry
-realized not to associate with icky boys
-been to the jazz festival in montreal
-written many letters
-found my future home (seattle)
-played lacrosse (i find this an accomplishment)
-have my first buddy out on a mission
-been able to enter myself into contests instead of my parents
-crashed my car
...and, you know, a plethora of other things. but we'll keep 18, for order's sake.

i am glad to be the young one, as i feel that i'm getting more accomplished in my years. despite all the waiting i've had to do. anyway, in light of getting old and turning into an official adult in in a few weeks (which doesn't affect me at all, because i've been doing official adult things for a while now) i've decided to make a list of things to do before i turn 19. i've snatched this little idea from yes and yes.

19 before 19:
-go on a serious road trip. washington & oregon, please
-intern at the springville art museum
-you know, survive college. or preferably succeed at it. 
-and make a friend with a cool name. (like nolan or reginald)
-read my entire book list (which i've acquired from all you)
-get a for reals haircut. like, an actual hair-style haircut. revolutionary, han, i know.
-make noodles out of zucchini
-finish another journal
-get a french pen pal
-run my hands through some swooshy hair
-build a sweet fort and eat dinner in it. string lights and everything. or, maybe... make my entire room a fort. how bout that mikelle?
-try scallops
-go to a baptist church meeting
-write fan letters to 5 of my favorite legendary figures who are still alive
-develop my own film
-design an issue of my own little digital magazine. (you're invited to be contributors.)
-fundraise enough money to pay for half of my hopeful humanitarian excursion to thailand
-paint a mural
-have a bake sale of fabulous desserts

looking at this list i feel quite accomplished already.
i'll do it, i promise.
go han!
what's on your list?



  1. i have full faith that you will complete that list and so much more!

  2. Great list! To answer the question, well, my list is more like "to do during my lifetime" and it's quite absurd (and VERY LONG) so I wouldn't bother writing it down. Hey, may I ask you, which five legendary figures are you talking about? Sending fan mail would be great fun, I've only done that once and I even wasn't a real fan of them.


you look really good today!