Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday!

To the cutest fly in the entire world!

She is the most beautiful 18 year old in the world.
And may this next year of her life be the best yet.

We will forever be best flies.

Happy Birthday, Hanny. I love you very very very very very very VERY much.

I love Han because she's intuitive. And in touch with the world. And brilliant. And she always knows exactly what to say when I'm feeling blue.
She's so beautiful.

Why do you love Hannah?


  1. i love hannah because she is brilliant. not just intelligence wise. hannah gets life. i often find myself thinking, "what would hannah do in this situation?". she has a big heart. and her heart and her brain are connected tight together and very in tune with one another. hannah means every word that comes out of her mouth. and you can trust that what she is saying is exactly what she means. a compliment from hannah is worth a billion dollars and a week of smiling :) not because she doesn't give them often, but because she only gives out the ones she means! i love hannah so much! she is beautiful and lovely in every way. i hope i grow up to be more like her.

  2. I love hannah cause she is so easy to get along with. She is also secretly funny. So...shh. She also has the best testimony and is a super strong girl. Plus she laughs at my jokes and understands that sometimes its ok to act like your twelve. Hannah is the best bestie ever!!!

  3. I love the way Hannah sees the world. I love the way she had taught me to see the world. There's so much beauty out there that regular people don't take the time to notice, but she makes you notice.


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