Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm currently watching the news.

Yes. I watch the news. Often.
Don't ask questions.

I'm sitting in the University of Utah Union Building, eating an Italian sub, watching the news on a large television with many other students in similar situations.

Currently, on CNN, there are two men in two different locations who are discussing the current standpoint of the American government.
They are both dressed nicely with suit coats on. One in a blue button up with gray hair and perfectly make-upped skin. The other in a green button up, with flaming red hair, and a very obnoxious laugh and a perfectly white smile.
They look hilarious in front of their fake backgrounds of city lights and bell towers.
I like to watch the news. The reporting men and women are talking mannequins. They are so fascinating to me.
Like... Do they even have souls?!
Probs not.
(Yeah. I said "probs." Love me for who I am.)

Anyway. These two make-up wearing men are having a very scripted conversation.
But it's kind of wonderful.

The red headed man said something truly brilliant earlier.

"We need to revert our focus from the flower gardens and the construction and the looks. It's time to focus on and fix the structure of our government itself before we continue to worry about the beautification of our country."

You know, this is such an important lesson.
Not only about our country, but about ourselves.

We need to worry about the structure of our inner-selves before we spend more money or more time on the way that we look to everyone else.

We're all made up of broken pieces.
We cover up this broken-ness by endlessly trying to make ourselves look better.
In America, bettering yourself means "dye your hair" or "get a boob job" or "buy some new clothes."

In real life, you aren't your hair or your boobs or your clothes.

You are you.

You can change your appearance as much as you want.
But "pretty" has never been the same as "happy."

Beauty does not determine happiness.


  1. this is exactly what i needed today.

    I only watch the news when i have to. i hate how the newscasters cut each other off. i just wanna yell at them to wait their turn. so frustrating.

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  3. Dear Mallory.

    Remember that when you're famous! ;)

    Love mom


you look really good today!