Sunday, September 4, 2011


the thing about missing is that we have shapes of things and people in our hearts,
and when they leave or we leave them, there's an empty space that's not all the way filled by memory.
even if we have new things, they don't ever fill those holes because they aren't the same shapes. it makes for a cluttered heart sometimes.

but the thing about missing is that it means we've loved.
and we're happier people now because we've had things to fill our hearts in the first place. and even though it hurts to the core to lose some of those things, our heart has expanded and we have more capacity to love.
missing is a sign of a blessed life.
missing means we're loved, too. "i miss you" can sometimes be the sweetest phrase.

i know that i have the ability to expand my heart even more. i don't have to shove new loves into old spaces. i just need to make more room.

i want my heart to be much bigger than my body and i want my heart to reach much farther than my fingers or my words.


  1. i really cannot tell you in words how much i love reading what ever you write. you're lovely :)

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  3. i may be in love with this post. you genius.


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