Saturday, September 24, 2011

attention mr. man.

there is either a) something very weird about me that sends boys running or b) something about me too great for any boy to try and pursue.
i wonder about this. most of the time i'm completely fine with it. but times like these where half your classmates are married and the other half are in relationships make you wonder.
so i'd like to make a public announcement.

man who is either a) accepting enough to love whatever is weird about me or b) smart enough to like me:
my name is hannah. maybe you've seen me around. i wear lipstick sometimes. that's probably my identifying factor. i walk around with headphones in my ears but if you tapped me on the shoulder, i'd take them right out. but if you see me walking without them in, i've decided it's a day to pay attention to the world. just approach me slowly and tell me what you notice. i may look busy sitting under that tree, but trust me, i'm not. i'm only writing letters. i'd write you one if i knew who you were.
i guess i'm a little bit desperate to be writing to you on a blog, but at least i'm not as desperate as all these other girls around here with signs in their windows that read things like, "free cookies call 801-225-4444" or "they say you are what you eat, funny, i don't recall eating a sexy beast this morning" (so classy, girls.)
i'm not that picky, all i ask is that you're kind. kind and respectful and open and faithful and willing to dance in the kitchen with me. the big 5. swooshy hair is preferred, but you could make up for that in smiles.
if i seem snooty, i'm not. i'm just trying to take it all in. i'm just trying to see all the people that pass me. if it's a turn-off that i walk around looking at the tops of trees rather than looking for you, then this letter isn't for you. and take living with plants, and then you'll understand.
i'd cook for you if you'd go to the grocery store and get the food for me. i hate that place.
i've gotten close before, but things never work out with people of your kind. i'm not sure what changes their minds. it could be that they're just not right for me. but i'd be a little bit ready for you if you're ready for me.
no commitment.
all i'm looking for is a buddy to watch movies with me on the laptop and sit under trees and eat ice cream. maybe you could hold my hand too. we'll see.
oh, and i'd be a goner if you showed up holding a water bottle filled with sunflowers. just a hint.

let me know when you exist,



  1. maybe you should mail this letter. someone surely deserves to read it and discover the goodness of it. well actually other way around, you surely deserve to discover that someone who is everything you just described. if you find one with a twin, send the unattached brother my way.


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