Friday, September 30, 2011

Day by day, nothing seems to change.

But pretty soon, everything is different.

And it seems the best you can do is curl up in a ball with a cup-o-noodles and watch Friends.

It's your escape.

And, sometimes, escaping is the best we can do.
So we roam free. And, within our minds, cup-o-noodles in hand, we escape.

Today, this is where my escape has led me.

To Vermont. A cabin amongst thousands of trees. And maybe a lake nearby.

And in this cabin, there will be a piano.
And a bed for two.
With the man I love laying in it.

My heart aches for this more than anything.
This is the perfect escape.
Especially with autumn at the tips of our fingers.

I feel like going out and buying myself a new sweater.


  1. I'd ask if I could come with you, but with your hunky man that would be a bit awkward. Maybe I'll just get a cabin in the neighboring mountain?

  2. the man you love. ... or me.

    you know. whatevs.


    you're the greatest. i love you.

  3. I've seen Vermont in a multiple films and well, Simpsons, but I couldn't have imagined that it REALLY looks like that! Awesome!
    Anyway, have fun on your trip! (=


you look really good today!