Sunday, September 11, 2011

this is not the sound of a new man or a crispy realization

it's the sound of the unlocking and the lift away,
your love will be
safe with me.

re: stacks--bon iver

i love the music most that doesn't tell me a story. i love the kind that gives me words and melodies and tells me to make my own story.
and today it's this song.
it's that last verse that reminded me why i'm here.
i always forget.
i'm not here to be in charge or stand out, i'm not one of the recognized ones.
i'm here to be a friend and that's my word. friend.
i always have these friends, and i want to help them. i want to make them happy and lots of times i want to try and force them to see something i see. and i get discouraged and i ask why, how, what am i supposed to do?
what am i supposed to do?
and i always get the same answer: you're doing it. just love them. love them all the way.

that's my purpose, and it always has been. and this is a promise that i will always keep:

your love will be safe with me.

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you look really good today!