Saturday, September 3, 2011

College, amongst other things.

 Meet my dorm room.

I like it in there. It's nice.

 Check the beard pillow. It's my sister's beard pillow. I stole it. (Hi Michal.) She's not getting it back.

This is my laptop case and my backpack. Because I'm sure you care and stuff.

And below is my desk.

Anyway. There you have it. It's no big deal. Seriously. That was a completely not-sarcastic "it's no big deal."

It was a very serious one.

Anyway. I like it here.
There is a 65 year old man in my math class. His name is Doug and I might be in love with him.
And my writing teacher is one of the few people who appreciates the fact that I have an opinion about everything.
And my yoga teacher is the best woman ever. She's the type of person who listens to your every word VERY intently and nods her head and widens her eyes when she loves something that you say. She's the most granola human in the world, and probably has never shaved her legs ever and doesn't wear a drop of make up and she is very in touch with the earth and I wish you could all be in my yoga class because I love everything about it.
And all my other professors are neat.
And the people are interesting.
And the parties are fun.
And if you haven't been to college yet....

You should really consider going.

It's a good time.

Especially because my roommate and I end every single day with a few episodes of Friends.

And life is blissful.


  1. ...I miss you, Mallory.

    I wish I still had you here so that I could tell you things and you could give me your sort of advice like, "Do what makes you happy," instead of everyone else's advice of, "Listen to your head."

    ...I miss you, Mallory.

  2. i watch friends every day at college. it is a great thing.

  3. friends is my most favorite thing ever :)

  4. I love your shrine to The Beatles. It’s beautiful.

  5. Sounds awesome.
    College is amazing!


you look really good today!