Sunday, July 22, 2012

apple tree bench

and in all your actions remember to be you,
do not compromise
do not rationalize.
remember that hearts are not to be played with,
words are not to be said without sincerity,
and that you are worth more than you give yourself credit for.
remember to love and to like for the right reasons
and learn to say no when you know something isn't right for you.

i have a friend, a beautiful one.
and he has the most excellent ability to immediately know
which people and things fit his life
and which don't.
and when he knows which do,
he loves them absolutely and without question,
with the biggest, truest, sun-shiniest love.
and when he doesn't,
he drops it.

he's my inspiration this weekend.

always be striving to align what is You in your very core to what is
you on every level.
make who you are to your acquaintances, friends, family, teachers, heroes, and followers
the same as who you are to God.
this is the goal that i will never quite reach,
but this is the one i am working on.

note to self.

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