Monday, July 2, 2012

get through it

you know,
pain isn't a hill you can climb
or a box you can close and stand on top of.
our challenges and our grief aren't things we
can just "get over".
so don't expect yourself to just get over it.
because it's a maze and a jungle and an ocean,
suffering is,
and you'll have to follow the map
and you'll have to improvise, too,
and cut vines down with a machete and
make sure you have a big oxygen tank and flippers.
but the promise is that you will get through it,
and that's a lot better, too,
because running and climbing and swimming is a real work-out
and you'll have some strong muscles to help other people through at the end.

so don't have expectations
and don't be afraid to ask for help,
especially from God.
'cause He always listens,
even when you say, "look, i just can't do it right now. lend me some strength?"
He will give it to you, right then and there.
and i think you'll also find that when you stop for a second and look around,
you'll see some friends running and climbing and swimming, too,
and there's this magic thing where when you help them,
you'll end up helping yourself, too.

those are a few things that i've learned.


you look really good today!