Thursday, May 20, 2010

green grass.

the turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength within you that survives all hurt.

sometimes i panic.
because a lot of times everything goes out of control.
you see, in my current life, there really isn't much i'm in charge of. i like to be in control of everything i can because there's a lot that i can't be in control of.
this is a tale of three important thoughts that resulted from non-panicked moments.

over spring break, i went to main street with my mommy. we walked up and down, stopping to go into every art gallery.
i stood in front of a sketch by chagall and everything was quiet.
i peered at a $32,000 dollar picasso sketch.
i was inspired by a simple painting by a local woman.
and then a blue, shiny thought came into my mind, and it said, "this is your passion".
this is my passion.

another day, i went to my friend's concert with his little sister. i stood outside and talked with her. i watched the band play and i listened. and then i realized that no thoughts had come into my mind. just peace and calm.
peace and calm.

yesterday i was panicking a little bit. but then i found myself sitting in a circle on the cool, long, green grass with a lot of new friends. and i realized that i hadn't thought about anything panicky the whole time that i was there. and then a clean little thought came into my mind, and it said, "the worst is over".
the worst is over.
thank goodness.

By: Hannah

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