Wednesday, June 2, 2010


1. summer is the best word in the english language.

2. good friends are all you need.

3. my high school is awesome.

4. the statue park is the best place in utah.

5. speaking of which, mountains look cooler upside down.

6. hiking is cool.

7. antique stores are the best thing ever.

8. besides art museums.

9. having a passport feels awesome.

10. car shopping is frustrating.

11. snail mail is so much better.

12. friends is the best show. ever.

(couldn't resist posting this picture. this is for you, mal!)

This first week of summer has been lovely. fires, snow cones, sliding rock, old postcards, watercolors, art museums, vintage earrings, statue park, creeks, breakfast, yearbooks, triscuits, photographs, hangin' with the baby brother, planning trips across north america!...
i love it.

By: Hannah. p.s. You'll be seeing more of me. I have lots to say.

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