Friday, May 25, 2012

Bigger isn't always better.

I can hear so much in the silence. And when I stop, for only a moment, and listen, the world is a new place. Nothing is more astounding than the loud silence that fills your entire body when you're walking the streets of Manhattan or standing in front of a painting that speaks to you, but silently, of course. And your whole body becomes someone else.
That's how I know we are ever-changing. We are evolving within ourselves with every step. With every blink. With every thought.

My feet are so loud, but my voice is so soft.
And I wonder if anyone can hear me when I'm yelling, but I fear that everyone can hear me when I walk.

The world's funny that way.

We fear being watched, being understood, being out of place.
But we drive ourselves crazy just to be noticed or admired.

I don't know much.
But what I do know is that pistachio ice cream is delicious, I will never love a man more than my father, and people will be people.

I will be me. And you will be you.

The silence taught me that.

Yes, dear.

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