Tuesday, May 22, 2012

what really matters

how many hours of sleep you get, your un-glamorous summer job, your poor grade on your last physical science test--they don't matter.
what matters is how many love notes you write, how many smiles you give, how many phone calls you make to friends you haven't seen in a while.
that boy that doesn't treat you right? he doesn't matter.
love matters. big, heart-bursting love. 
loving everyone matters. loving even people that don't love you back.
letting go matters.
books matter & facebook doesn't
being honest matters & being strung along doesn't
driving the distance to spend time with people you love matters & gas mileage doesn't
scriptures matter & cleaning your room doesn't, as much
and the worn pages of a letter you've read a hundred times matters & distance doesn't.
God matters, and the god inside everything around you matters. the divinity inside of you and inside of everyone you meet. that's truly important.
minimum wage for now and grocery shopping and a pair of purple shorts you can't afford--they are inconsequential.

note to self.


  1. best reminder.
    needed this today.

  2. well said. and you know, it's totally true. sometimes it's just the remembering and the re-prioritizing that gets difficult. we all have to be reminded at times...


you look really good today!