Sunday, October 24, 2010

i don't know, i found it amusing.

i could see this hanging in the SAM.
and i would bet you five dollars that a certain boy by the name of adam would have a poster of it hanging in his room.
oh, lovers of minimalist art. you amuse me. but i am one of you. through and through.
speaking of which: i'm dying to go see some albers.
also, i've been thinking about the davids lately.
bernini's is my favorite.
does that make me a sinner? should i automatically love michaelangelo's the best?
i don't care. go baroque.
but p.s., guess what i made?
i'll tell you. i made a button for my backpack that has michaelangelo's david on it. it's my favorite thing.
i would have used bernini's, but there wasn't a photo of it on the clipart website, and captain is a copyright stickler.
don't tell her about the james dean button.
oh, by the way, james dean will be free domain in ten years.

love, han.
i love to call myself han.

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