Sunday, October 31, 2010

You can do this.

This last week was quite the week. For me, at least.

There were far too many things for me to get done.
I believe that this is due to my habit of procrastination, but I like to look past that little bugger, and pretend as though he doesn't exist.
Each day this week was especially busy.
Every waking moment this week, there was something for me to be doing. Something important.

I realized that I do love the feeling of being busy, but at the same time, misery and I have become best pals.

I received 7 hours of sleep this week. Yes. 7. For the entire week.
I don't mean to complain, but I think you can imagine just how sluggish I was in trying to accomplish all of my little tasks.
Don't fret. I have caught up on such a treacherous lack of the greatest thing one can do with their time.
But I feel rewarded in a sense. I feel like a champion.
Because I did everything that I needed to do. And I walked out of last week extremely happy.
I received good grades, I got a nice little pay check on Friday, and I smiled a lot.
Also, if you live in Utah County, do you remember all of that lovely rain we were provided with?
That was for me. That was God's gift to me. That rain was my saving grace this week. And it was a lovely little reminder that everything will be just fine. I can hear the booming voice in my head:
"Get through the week, Mal. Get through it. This rain is specifically for you. Go dance in it for a little while. You can do this."
And I did.
I've done it.

Also, I'd just like to say that my week ended ever so wonderfully.
I made a new friend. A wonderful new friend full of lovely conversation and beautiful insights.

I love making new friends.

What a wonderful way to end a terrible/wonderful week. 

Enjoy the rain.
With love, Mallory. 

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  1. I like your new friend. And you. Mostly you.
    Love, Keds.


you look really good today!