Wednesday, October 6, 2010


the letter that begins the name of every single man that mallory & i deem attractive.
interesting tidbit, ain't it so? 
we realized it today. 

then again... not EVERY man.

but a vast majority. 

& james dean counts for ten. 


  1. Dear Hannah,
    Yes. Cache is indeed attractive. And really rather hysterical in every way. Let's let it be known.
    Love, Addy.

  2. Dear Hannah,
    Mostly I think Cache is attractive because when he does eventually give in and stop trying not to smile, his (already perfectly proportioned, perfectly structured and lovely) face breaks into the most incredible, angelic, and heaven-sent smile ever to grace our earth. I told him to smile more. He tried not to smile. Then he gave in and I mostly melted.
    Love, Addy.

    Dear Cache,
    Please smile more. Like, maybe constantly unless that would hurt your face a lot too much.
    Love, Addy


you look really good today!