Wednesday, October 5, 2011

have you noticed?

we went to the greenhouse in living with plants today.
we looked at cacti and costa rican plants. outside it was cloudy, and the rain began to pour when we got inside.
the rain hit the glass. it smelled like geraniums.
i walked around, i touched fuzzy thick leaves and thin waxy ones.
we came outside; it was still raining.
i had to walk all the way across campus. it didn't seem too fun.
the people around me put on their hoods, they put their heads down, they folded their arms.
so did i.
and then i looked up, and i saw the mountain. it was red and green and misty, and there was a cloud almost as big as it right there next to it. i smiled.
i kept my head up. i opened my palms.
and i decided it was fun. it was very fun, actually.
i smiled and i looked at all those heads bent down. i looked at the droplets falling off trees.
have you noticed them?
have you noticed how much prettier those red rocks next to the sidewalk look in the rain?
have you ever wanted to pick one up and take it home?
i couldn't go to class now. it was far too beautiful to spend the next hour in a basement, even if it was the basement of the art museum.
i wanted to tell everyone to put down their umbrellas. i wanted them to see it, too.
come on skinny love, just last the year.
those sister missionaries passed me. i loved them.
i crossed the street, i got sprayed by passing cars.
and i told you to be balanced, and i told you to be kind.
these trees here, the rain was falling off of them more quickly than any other tree. i wondered why.
i looked down, and there was a boy.
and i'll be holding all the tickets, and you'll be owning all the fines.
he had blonde hair and a flannel shirt on, brown eyes. he was tall.
he was watching me, i smiled back.
who will love you? who will fight?
so i came home the long way.
i brought the comfy chair from the lobby to this balcony,
and i'm sitting here in an orange blanket.
i'm eating wheat thins and pepper jack cheese.
and the ward pianist just copied my idea.
and have you noticed that all the berries on trees grow thickly on the top?
have you noticed?

and i feel beautiful.


  1. perfect song for a beautiful rainy day!

  2. this is why its impossible to not love you.

    "i'm in love with a girl who's in love with the world."

    one day he'll sing it for you.

    i love my han han.

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  4. i had a smile on my face the whole time i read this, i absolutely loved this post. bon iver is a lyrical god.


you look really good today!