Monday, March 12, 2012


But he was looking at her, yeah all funny in the eye
She said "come on boy tell me what you're thinking
Now don't be shy."
He said alright, "I'll try

All the stars up in the sky

And the leaves in the trees
All the broken bits that make you jump up
And grassy bits in between
All the matter in the world is how much I like you."

She said "what?"

He said "let me try and explain again

"Right, birds can fly so high

And they can poop on your head
And they can almost fly into your eye
And make you feel so scared.
But when you look at them
And you see that they're beautiful
That's how I feel about you"

She said "what?"

He said "you"
She said "what are you talking about?"
He said "you"

She said "thanks, I like you too"

He said "cool"

--birds, kate nash

do you realize how beautiful the sky is today?
i am happy.
i am wearing my paris dress
i'm listening to james vincent mcmorrow
i'm filling out china forms
and i am happy.

i'm thinking about the way i was two years ago. the way me and little jacob were when we got called to seminary council and then we became best friends. i was thinking about it because i sat on his couch saturday night and he was playing his guitar and singing songs and he was really good. and he didn't use to be that good. and he's grown up so much, he's going on that mission, and i'm really impressed with the man he's becoming. and we aren't the two 16 year olds who bonded over obscure bands, nor are we trying to be anything cool anymore. we just are. we're ourselves. and so is everyone else i know from high school, and i wonder if that comes with age or if it comes with the times, but none of us seem to care about obscure bands or being cool anymore, and we would have denied that we cared when we were 16 but in retrospect, we really really did.
i'm thinking about how me and jacob and jackson and whit and ari went to see tin tin at the sticky shoe on saturday night, but the film caught on fire so we watched the image burn away, quite literally, and it was really kind of beautiful, but then we didn't get to see our movie. so we went to jacob's and listened instead.

i'm thinking about that.

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  1. can I just say i adore both of your writing?
    okay. it's true. you guys just speak with such honesty and heart. I love it.

    also. I love Kate Nash. She's so quirky.

    Yours Truly,


you look really good today!