Thursday, March 4, 2010


yesterday i realized how completely and utterly happy i am.
and i don't know how it's possible. considering the bad things going on all around me.
but my name is hannah. and i am content. i am blessed.

i have the best friends in the world.

i have the most wonderful mother anyone could ask for.

i have a smile.

i have a good education.

i have the opportunity to be a member of seminary council and a yearbook editor next year.

i have good health.

i have the cutest little brother that ever existed.

i have chocolate covered pretzels in my pantry.

i have a huge, warm bed.

i have a phone that works.

i have hands and pencils and paper.

i have a testimony.

i have enough money to live comfortably.

i have two parents. even if they aren't together, i still have two.

i have cute twin sisters.

i have talents.

i have faith.

i have a journal and two fantastic gel pens.

i have an abundance of paint samples.

i have things to say.

i have several 50's patterns waiting to be sewn.

i have a voice, even if it's not a good singing one.

i have shoes.

i have music to listen to.

i have a big, beautiful house.

i have places to go.

i have homework to do.

i have jokes.

i have midol in my cabinet.

i have eyes.

i have ability.

i have ambition.

i have love. lots and lots of love.

i have enough.
i have enough.

By: Hannah

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you look really good today!