Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Testimonial.

Today, I'm testifying.

I testify that all-nighters are way more fun alone.
I testify that I will marry a man who goes dancing with me at jazz clubs.
I testify that soda is poison.
I testify that 9:11 is a sacred time.Italic
I testify that things such as cookies and muffins are better unbaked.
I testify that I am the only human being in the world who loses fifteen pounds and looks exactly the same.
I testify that all nails look best when painted red.
I testify that large glasses are for everyone.
I testify that reading is life changing.
I testify that Michael Jackson was king of the world.
I testify that books are better left un-reported.
I testify that fear is present in most things.
I testify that it doesn't have to be.
I testify that art almost always portrays some form of hope.
I testify that rain makes any day better.
I testify that jeans over $30 are completely not worth it.
I testify that everything was better in the 50's.
And, last, but absolutely not least,
I testify that heart is where the home is.

Wherever your heart is, your home is, too.
Home changes for me all the time.

And today, home is the piano.
Because, today, it stole my heart.

Home is a feeling, I think. It's where you feel the most comfortable; the most like yourself. Sometimes it's a person, sometimes a place. It can be a pair of socks or a musical instrument or a grilled cheese sandwich. It's what makes you so incredibly happy, you can't even seem to bear it. It's the thing that makes you feel like you're the only thing that matters. And you haven't the slightest problem being exactly who you are, even if just for that moment.

Home is that feeling.
And heart is what gets you there.

What's home for you today?

By: Mallory

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