Thursday, March 11, 2010


i love to lay in my big bed and listen to the wind blow and the rain fall against the window.
i love to look out the kitchen window and watch the seasons change.
i love to see the tip top of the temple from a small vantage point at the bottom right corner of my window.
i love to dance on the wood floors in socks.
i love the memory of all 4 girls sleeping in my mom's room for months.
i love my somewhat vaulted ceiling.
i love the yellowish walls.
i love the drive home, from anywhere.
i love looking for where my house should be while my dad is driving me home, when it's dark, and all the lights of home are sparkling.
i love my family that lives inside my house.
i love all of our painted rooms.
i love the little hill in the backyard.
i love the trees.
i love that my house is right by a canal and a bridge that i can walk to.
i love my neighbors and the nice things they do for us.
my backyard reminds me of the good things about my dad.
i could never, never leave this place. i love it. it's home, where my heart is.
it's too much to ask someone to leave home. the place that holds the good memories. when everything else around is changing, home is stable. my room is still mine and the windows still frame pretty pictures.
i love pretty pictures.
i love home.

By: Hannah

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