Thursday, March 25, 2010

role models.

i want you to meet mine.
here's some beautiful people.

this is dana.
she paints murals on people's walls. her favorite colors are blue and green. she likes blue lemon and cafe rio. she laughs a lot. she never watches t.v. she spends countless hours on the phone with her friends. she taught me how to be strong, faithful, brave, and loving. she is my mother.

this is heidi.
she paints on canvases. she loves matisse, just like me. her walls are greyish brownish and pink. she makes tiny collages. she is pregnant. she is forgetful. she taught me that i can be an artist. she is responsible for the 4th most peaceful hour of my week. she is my art lessons teacher.

this is patti.
her mother was an artist and her father was a mathematician. she worked at her mother's antique store growing up. she reminds me that i'm beautiful. she likes to smash plates with me. i haven't seen her for a while, but i will tomorrow. she makes sure i'm healthy.

this is andrea.
she spends her whole life with music all around her. she is italian and went on a mission to spain. she expects the most of me. when i don't do my best, she is disappointed. when i do good, she makes sure i know it.

this is malia.
she makes everybody feel like sunshine. she likes happy things and i've never seen her without a smile. she makes me feel special. she likes balloons. and chocolate covered macadamia nuts, of course, because she used to live in hawaii.

there you go, kids. you've just met 5 of the greatest people that are living. women are smart, and they are loving. i aspire to be just like any of these women someday.
i'm glad you've had this introduction.

one more thought:
today i learned, don't take things personally.

By: Hannah

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  1. hannah. you are my role model. you're just as amazing as all of these ladies, and I KNOW you'll grow up to be like all of them. love ya!


you look really good today!