Friday, February 26, 2010

this is an art gallery.

it's true, pictures speak louder than words. paintings speak MUCH louder than words. as a crazy art woman fanatic creep, i would like to share with you paintings that make me feel bigger than myself.
i like colorful art. paintings that emphasize the magic of our surroundings. as much as i know that art is not about pretty, i have always had a place in my heart for the idealized.
everyone can use a little more beauty. that is all.

this is perhaps my favorite painting. it's open window by Matisse, my favorite artist.

one of the series, an homage to the square, by josef albers. it may be just squares, and you may think that you could do that. it doesn't matter if you could do that. it's art and i love it.

mortaruru with red overhead, willi baumeister.

These are all by andre derain. the bottom one is also one of my favorites. 1. the pool of london, 2. charing cross bridge 3. the mountains at collioure.

well, i think that this is enough for today... be sure that there will be more. and... here's some more matisse. just for good measure.

By: Hannah

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  1. i love what you said about abstract (an homage to the square), i think it is so true! maybe somebody else could do that, but it's the fact that josef albers did do it and he called it art. thats whats makes it genius!


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