Monday, February 8, 2010

To Whom It May Concern.

We are two girls. Two high school girls (for now, that is) and we hope to catch the attention of no one in particular. We claim to be two of the most brilliant people in the entire world, but please don't take our word for it. We represent the type of people who spend free time in the library. The people who roam parking lots in shopping carts. The people who laugh the loudest. The people who wear what they want, when they want, for no reason at all. We represent the people who figure worrying is pointless and creativity is vital. We like bubbles and cupcakes and, by all means, impress us with some helium balloons or hand picked daisies. And yes, perhaps to your dismay, we are the people some refer to as "free." We're sincerely sorry for any inconvenience.

I suppose the purpose of our starting a blog was simple. Hannah suggested it, and I jumped on the idea. And, on this idle Monday, here we are. I suppose our desire and purpose is one of serious lacking. For, our main intention is to simply find ourselves adventuring, and write about it. Or, blog about it, I guess. And though we don't expect this to really sincerely interest anyone, we find it interesting ourselves. And I guess that's all I ask of, at this point.

We like art and music. We find simple pleasures in the small things. And we live to observe. Such as a fly on the wall.

This is a blog of all we observe.

And, Heaven forbid, feel.

By: Mallory

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  1. mal: oh. my. word. you two are me and fee. ha seriously. its freaky really. but i love it. totally and completely. that is all.
    <3 dix


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